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Our Mission

The goal of our ministry is to create an ecosystem of sustainable communities who invest in the lives of the vulnerable, so they can experience the flourishing God intends. In short, we seek to provide holistic care to help orphans become Leaders. You can learn more about our work in Uganda and how else you can help by visitin

In 2007 while traveling to Africa, I was confronted with a grave reality after walking through the market. Why are there so many small children on the streets by themselves during a school day? What if someone kidnaps them? Are they able to go to school? Why do we live in the wealthiest nation in the world and yet let God’s children perish on the street for what we pay for a cup of coffee? My heart burned with passion and no outlet until we discovered the opportunity to develop orphans into leaders!

Uganda is currently host to more than 123,000 South Sudanese who have fled civil war. Most of these are women and children. Due to the civil and social unrest, children often suffer neglect as well as sexual and physical abuse. Specifically in rural areas, as many as 33% of girls are married by age 15, making child marriage and pregnancy all too common. Kids are easily sex trafficked, join gangs, or literally die on the street because they lack basic needs and care. We can change this with minimum inconvenience to our lives.

Bj Thompson
Founder/Executive Director