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Core Values

Deeply Loved

Until we understand the depth of our need, we’ll never experience the power of grace in our lives. We don’t minimize the impact of sin in and around us. Why? Our brokenness makes us perfect candidates for God’s grace, which has been expressed most profoundly in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We cannot experience authentic, soul- deep, life transformation until we believe this: I am a mess, and yet deeply loved by God.

Love Jesus, Love People

Jesus summed up God’s expectation of us perfectly in this way: love God, love people. Cultivating dramatic change in people’s lives springs from this heart. People aren’t projects. They are image bearers of God with intrinsic value, candidates for the grace of God in the gospel of Christ. If we treasure Jesus above all, we will love and care for people properly. It’s that simple.

Better Together

Authentic transformation cannot be achieved in isolation. We cannot love one another if we hide from each other. But together, in a loving community of transparency and support, we see lives transformed and marriages healed. We only thrive when we are in a healthy community, receiving and giving grace to each other as we grow. We are better together.